Sales Service Process
Linhai powersports USA Corporation will focus on "everything to the user as center" concept, the key to the user to provide pre-sales, sale, the after-sales service and all aspects of technical support.
Pre-sales service mainly has the following:
Guide users to the exhibition hall of the company or the designated distributor stores control display prototype understanding Linhai product features, performance, through the company's website or exhibitions to attract users to know the products of interest ,can also be customized products according to user different choices to the attachment, also through the company designated distributors of products for users to training, recommend distributors buy parts wearing parts as inventory. 
In the sale of services, mainly in the following:
Company will, through the designated distributor of products installation, commissioning, for important distributors will regularly arrange field engineer technical guidance and help, for large distributors sales company as the case may consider arranging maintenance technicians in store, the scene to help solve technical problems.
After-sales service mainly has the following:
Our company will through distributors of products were specific after-sales service, company of distributors daily technology of service support and, when necessary, company to arrange personnel to visit distributors and support; company regularly scheduled sales or technical personnel on distributor visits, to understand the distributors in the sales process of technology and help solve; invite distributors to the company or exhibition places of technology of communication, providing services.
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